“In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact.” Marlene Dietrich

Just  few words on Weirnergate…really? Really, are we that obsessed with this man’s penis, really? It just seems that for the last week or so, everyone wants to know if the infamous crotch shot is Anthony Weiner. Aren’t just we just little suspicious of Breitbart’s role in this scandal? And, haven’t we got more important things to be concerned with?

More important things such as,  the gop/ baggers holding the debt ceiling debate hostage to their insane wish to turn Medicare into a voucher system, among other drastic cuts to other social programs. They are not serious in their call for cuts to balance the budget.  If the gop/baggers were, then they would have a serious discussion regarding subsidies to oil & gas and to agriculture which would bring in BILLIONS in revenues. They would have a debate about cutting defense spending & ending the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, which have cost us billions. But no, they focus on destroying Medicare, while we run the risk of defaulting on our loans.

Here’s something else we should be concerned with, the gop/baggers continue their war on women. This year alone we have seen  serious restrictions on a woman’s right choose. They call for smaller government but not when it comes to my uterus. They just want to crawl right in & make decisions for me, decisions that should be left to me & my doctor. The gop/baggers continue to make cuts to social services that will affect the quality of life for women & children.

But the most important thing we should all be concerned with is the economy. The economy continues to recover in fits & starts but the gop/baggers are much more concerned with abortion, NPR, PBS, medicare, welfare, the unions, public sector employees, denying climate change, gun rights, re-writing history, and stifling anything President Obama needs and/or wants to do. Did the gop/baggers not campaign in 2010 on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS?  Well, where are those JOBS??? All I see in a continuation of the culture & religious wars.

So again, really? We care about Weiner’s dick for what reason? At most he’s embarrassed himself & humiliated his wife. It’s not like he’s allegedly committed a crime  a la Edwards or Ensign. So get over it and start focusing on the real issues we are facing.


“Men are rewarded or punished not for what they do but for how their acts are defined.” Thomas S. Szasz

Today’s Governor in the spotlight is  the “honored” Chris Christie of NJ. The same one that republicans are hoping to court for the 2012 presidential run.  Another ultra conservative that is waging a war on the poor, women & children. But then again, which republican politician, isn’t?

Gov. Christie has decided that a family of 3 making over $6000 a year is far too rich for medicaid. Let’s see $6000 divided by 12 is $500/ month. Yes, that’s right folks, according to Christie $500/ month is more than enough to pay for the rent/mortgage, electricity, water, food, gas etc AND your medical bills. If his thinking is correct, I need to get the hell out of FL & move to NJ. I would be a freaking millionaire by NJ standards.  Seriously, what does he think is going to happen when these people get sick. Where does he think they are going to go for their medical care. And when I say sick, I don’t mean some devastating disease, I mean something treatable like the flu, asthma attack, or simple infection. They will end up in the ER and that means NJ & it’s residents are going to pay for that care at a much higher cost. But that’s ok because they’re poor & they don’t count, at least that seems to me the attitude of the republicans & baggers.  All this from the “Let’s go to Disney” during a major, devastating snowstorm governor.  You do remember that one, I hope.  And of course you remember the helicopter ride to his son’s catholic school baseball game at the cost of $2500 per hour.

Then there’s Gov. Christie’s attack on the teachers that  make too much money & have no accountability, so we must eliminate teacher tenure & institute merit pay.  Does merit pay take into account all the variables that affect a student’s learning? Does merit pay take into account the fact that students may be hungry, that there’s no adult at home to help with homework or the adults simply don’t give a shit, that they don’t speak english as first language, that they are being abused or bullied, that they being taught to the test, that they just aren’t good test takers? I suspect no, merit pay only cares about a number, the test score. Not only is Gov. Christie trying to eliminate teacher tenure & institute merit pay but he’s freezing their pay. You only need $500/month to live in NJ, right?!?  And, let’s not forget that earlier this year his education cuts were deemed unconstitutional. Gov. Christie’s response to this….wait for it…yes, that’s right, folks, the judge was legislating from the bench.  If you don’t like the third branch of government and it’s checks, just call it legislating from the bench. We have countless examples of this.

My favorite of all his proposals is cutting early childhood education or Head Start from full to ½ days and shifting the money to suburban schools. To him, government funded pre-school is just free baby sitting. Let’s just forget about all those studies that show that students in Head Start close the education gap, that’s just another lefty plot.

Gov. Christie could just solve all of this by approving the “millionaires tax”.

“The bill provides for adjusted income taxation at the following bracket at the following rate: over $1,000,000 is adjusted from 8.97% to 10.75%…According to the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services the tax hike would generate between $600 million and $637 million in annual revenues.” http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2011/03/23/173849/christie-tax-education/

But raising taxes, especially, on those that can most afford is an anathema to the republicans & baggers. But think of all we could accomplish if we did. We have a revenue issue but no one wants to address it.

It’s time to wake up America, the republicans/baggers are trying to change the landscape. We are becoming a third nation as a result of it. We becoming nation where the gap between the have and the have-nots is ever growing due to their policies. The republicans are beholden to the the top 2% of earners & corporations that fund their campaigns.


“I wish, my dear Kepler, that we could have a good laugh together at the extraordinary stupidity of the mob” Galileo Galilei

Yesterday, I found myself asking “why do you do this? You will never change their hearts & minds.” I asked this of myself in regards to a Facebook (FB) post regarding our “esteemed” governor Rick Scott & his “genius”plan to require drug testing for ALL welfare recipients. Testing that is expensive, testing that the applicants will have to pay for out of pocket and hope to be reimbursed within a reasonable time. A laughable idea, when have you known the government to be timely on anything?!? (http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/06/01/florida.welfare.drug.testing/)
To me the only reason for this inane law is for his holiness, “the people of FL work for me”, asshole in chief to further enrich himself at the tax payers expense. You see Scott owns or should I say, until late last year, owned Solantic urgent care centers. In November he transferred ownership to his wife, you know to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.   Remember this is the same man whose previous company, Columbia/HCA  Hospitals, committed the biggest Medicare fraud in history. (http://www.wusf.usf.edu/news/2010/06/18/whistleblowers_say_rick_scott_knew_about_medicare_fraud)
As usual I digress…As I voiced my dismay over this travesty of a law, I was again amazed by level of ignorance & bigotry out there. What really angered me was this 1980’s Regan myth, throw back attitude of the Cadillac driving welfare queens, the beginning of the attack on the poor. I had naively thought that in the last 30 years we had overcome this sickening & hateful attitude. Not only was this attitude that all welfare recipeints are lazy drug addicts that are milking the system is alive and well but so was the fact that I was just another “bleeding heart liberal” trying to give away our country.

You have to understand I live in South FL, the bastion of Cuban Republicans. How I, myself of Cuban decent, came out an extremely liberal democrat is beyond me. Personally I blame my older brother, but that’s a story for another day. To say it simply, I have to deal with people who believe that Faux News is the gospel of land and it’s beyond maddening. So whenever I see this blatant or willful ignorance from “friends” in the land of FB, it is exasperating. I seem to believe that I can change their thinking by simply presenting a rational, well thought out and, when needed, cited argument. And, every time I am wrong & I cannot believe what I read or the personal attacks. The republican & bagger mentality seem not to know any rational or reasonable thought. They buy into whatever Faux News feeds them. The poor, the unions, the elitist, the liberals are ruining this country and are therefore evil. For example here’s part of the thread:

How to you combat that kind of thinking…”…but for far too long there have been those that milk the system. If you are going to ask for a handout, you should not be strung out while doing so. ” When did we get here?!? Do these people really believe that all welfare recipients are milking the system while strung out on drugs? I have to faith that they are just blindly following the herd.

Here’s another gem:

First off it’s NOT across the board, really Jeff, go read something & educate yourself. And where oh where is the cite for the “Testing for cause is the flawed logic that has been challenged and lost. ” ? But, my favorite is the last sentence “Perhaps if people don’t want to submit to testing they can get off welfare and pull up their boots.” Again there is that attitude of welfare recipients as lazy, living off the government.  I tried to point that we really don’t why they are on welfare, the welfare roles have sky rocketed since the start of the recession and have increased in FL by 15%. (http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-01-25-welfare-rolls_N.htm). Maybe, just maybe, these people are struggling with unemployment which 12% in FL and/or a foreclosure. And, while some do take advantage, not all take advantage of the system. Additionally, being part of a society, means taking care of those less fortunate than yourself.

here’s my reply:

But as I said earlier, Jeff & Kelli’s “logic” is an attack on the poor. An attack that was started by Regan 30 years ago and is being giddily carried on  by the conservatives in our midst but most importantly by the baggers. And this “logic” is something I firmly believe we must all stand up to, make our voices heard, that it is faulty logic.

Of course all this was met with the usual contempt. You’re just a “bleeding heart liberal”


I suppose Jeff that when you cannot win the argument with facts and reason, you must resort to name calling and stereo-typing. It is this thinking that is exasperating, this belief that in order to save our country we must do away with “socialist” programs. We must re-claim our country from the big, bad “socialist” President Obama. This is the war we are fighting, brought to you by the misinformation of Faux News & their ilk. A war on the poor, women, children, elderly, immigrants, the middle class, the public sector employee, african americans, everyone but the top 2%of earners and large corporations. We must speak out every chance we get, we must yell from the roof tops, we must not allow the class & social warfare to continue, even in the land of  FB. I guess I just answered my own question “why do you do this? ” Because I can.  Because  I must. Because we must all save this country from the ignorance that comes with complacency.